Revive DTS

21.09.2021 – 10.03.2022

Veranstalter: JMEM Herrnhut

Our discipleship training schools are filled with transformative lectures, spirit-driven prayer sets, powerful worship times, and community bonding. Each week is designated to one specific topic that will confront and challenge the way we live our lives with Jesus and those around us. Collectively, we seek God’s desire for us to live a kingdom lifestyle that isn’t founded on the world’s perspective, but a righteous and holistic one.

The Bible is the written account of the larger story God told through His people, the Israelites, and the lengths He went to adopt all people, from every nation, into this family. It is the greatest story ever told, with Jesus at the center of it all. The Bible may be set in stone, but it is written on our hearts, and God is still writing the story of bringing all people into his Kingdom. We believe in finding our place within the big picture of God’s story. Every person tells a story with their life. Revive DTS is centered on finding your place in the story God is telling, understanding the importance of it, and the impact one obedient heart can have in the Kingdom of God. We believe revival is not far from us but is given to us through intimacy with Jesus and founded on his Word. Germany has seen great revivals in the past; our heart is to follow in the footsteps of those who have gone before us and see revival once more, to all the nations. With a focus on prayer, worship, and intimacy with Jesus, you will see the power of God in your life like never before, and how to live in the presence of God. Through Revive DTS, our heart is to see a generation of believers trained and equipped for righteousness, as Paul taught Timothy, to go and impact the world around them, in every sphere of society. With a three-month lecture phase, and a three-month outreach, we believe you will encounter God in new and unimaginable ways, as he lavishes his love upon you. God will teach you his heart for you, your place in his grand story, and how to tell a better story with your life.


Lecture phase learning comes through teaching from those with profound personal experience, small group discussions, practical implementation, community lifestyle, times of reflection, worship and prayer. During the lecture phase your will learn about the Nature and Character of God, his father heart, how to Hear Gods Voice, the values principles of Praise, Worship Prayer and Intercession and so much more.


We believe it is vital to practically apply everything God teaches us in order to continue growing and maturing and outreach phase is an incredible opportunity for this. For the topics and principles learnt in lecture phase to really take root and become established in the lives of our trainees a DTS is never complete without this part. The outreach will be a cross cultural experience of continued learning and growing with opportunities to share the love of Jesus with the people of the nations we are guests in. Exact outreach locations will be announced during lecture phase, but YWAM Herrnhut has a vision to go to the most unreached. Those who have never heard the Gospel of the good news of Christ, so get ready to the ultimate adventure.

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