Digital Media DTS

23.09.2024 – 14.02.2025

Veranstalter: JMEM Nürnberg

Jesus is our ultimate goal and we will go anywhere and do anything to see our generation saved. That’s why we spend time passionately pursuing God through worship, intercession, Bible reading (and studies), small groups, teachings, and so much more. You will be with a community of people that seeks to know God deeply and personally, desires to discover how God individually made them, and is eager to share the God they love with everyone.

Join us for a 6-month communal missions school with one purpose: bringing the Gospel. During the 3 month lecture phase you will gain a better understanding of who God is, as well as your identity in Christ. Followed by 10 weeks of outreach sharing with others what you have received.

DTS equips you to carry a missional mindset and bring the Gospel to various nations, peoples, tribes, and languages – not just during the program, but also on into the rest of your life.

We believe change is possible. 
We believe that you can change the world. 

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