How is YWAM funded?

Because we are a movement of young Christians, the manner of our ministries and activities are strongly dependent on each single staff member. YWAM is more a community of like-minded people with big dreams and goals than an organization that is based on structure and rules.

There are two different aspects of financial provision; that of the staff member and that of ministries and training centers. Both depend on a firm confidence in God that, if He calls me to a certain ministry, He will provide all the neccessary means as well. He is our provider. How He does it can vary widely. He can do it by means of a salary, through self-employment, or through a personal circle of friends. The actual source behind it is always the same, but the channels are different.

Staff members

In YWAM no-one receives a salary out of the funds that have been donated for general purposes or specific projects. The staff member’s salaries are financed directly through donations from personal supporters. Each staff member has a part of the responsibility to care for this income. Communication, visiting the supporters, prayer, etc., is  the staff member's own responsibility. This is equally valid for students, interns, full-time staff, leaders, teachers or international leaders. Home churches, friends or the family of the YWAM staff support them for their missions ministry and share their living costs. Through that, they also support our mission work. Others may have a full- or part-time job outside of YWAM and volunteer their time in mission service. Some make themselves available on a short- or medium-term basis in our mission and live on savings or a pension.

A full- or part-time commitment in YWAM only on donation basis puts high demands on the personal motivation and willingness of each YWAMer and his family. In this regard and in our financial policies as to the provision of our co-workers we function like many other missions and relief organizations, or Christian churches worldwide.

The Organization

Donations for YWAM bases or specifically designated, whether money or other goods, will be used exactly for the specified purpose. YWAM’s financial income is not only made up of donations, but also of seminar and school fees, rents, funds from a foundation, and in very specific cases, from development funds.

We keep to the donation statutes of the German Evangelical Alliance and practice good stewardship over our entrusted money, goods, and properties.

The work of YWAM Germany is acknowledged as charitable, therefore donations are tax-deductible. Most of our German bases are registered associations, under the head of the umbrella association of YWAM Germany.

Wire Transfers

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If you need a tax receipt, please supply us with your name and complete address.