Unite. Fuel. Multiply



We invite people to come together and connect. We gather people who are ready to partner with God and others to see transformation in their city.

By hosting gatherings we unite revivalists all over Europe and create room for networking and training. 


We rally behind what God is doing in people, call out their potential and propel them into their calling. We walk alongside individuals in order to train and equip them to keep the fire burning. We tour throughout Europe to connect with people and empower them through discipleship and teaching.


We challenge people to take ownership, contend for their city and fuel what God is doing there, and we empower them to spread the fire and partner with God in practical ways.

We are full of passion

  • We are passionate about the heart of God and his intention for Europe.
  • We walk out biblical values in all areas of society.
  • We are enthusiastic about the callings God has given other people

We empower

  • We raise up the committed. we find people who say yes. 
  • We have faith for potential. We come alongside people, equip them with tools and resources and disciple them.

We stand together

  • We say no to isolation. 
  • We are in this together. No matter what you’re doing or where you are, we believe transformation is possible and will fight for it with you.
  • We can’t take this on by ourselves. We understand the need for community and the strength that comes from joining together.
  • We are all individual flames and it is only when combined spark a big fire.
  • We are all small flames adding to the growth of the wildfire across Europe.

We innovate

  • God is creative and works in innovative ways. 
  • We believe that to innovate is to demonstrate the character of God. 
  • God is showing us unique and fresh ways to reach out to a new generation of Europeans.
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