YWAM Berlin

Schönwalder Str. 21
13347 Berlin
+49 30 55493955

Our Mandate and Vision

There is no way to escape the power and influence of the mega-cities. They have become the ruling societal factors in the world. Cities are the pinnacle of a civilization. Trends, fashions and ideologies are birthed and refined within the streets and towers of the city, eventually spreading to the peoples of the surrounding lands.

If we as Christians are going to be relevant to society by inspiring others to follow us in our faith, and live a fulfilled life in Christ, then it is absolutely critical that we understand today’s challenges that face our cities along with God’s sovereign mercy and solutions to those challenges. To take on your city’s challenges means to embrace the Lord’s will for your city, and to usher in His peace and purposes.

We want to see every aspect of society in Berlin changed through the transformational power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. And we want that transformation then affects the rest of the nation of Germany, influences the spiritual realm of Europe and the nations of the world. We want to see the Lord’s work multiplied in other cities around the globe (we want to go, where we are not).

Missions Focus

  • Urban Missions (Inner-city Mercy Ministries): We want to reach the youth and the sub-cultures of the city with time- and theme appropriate programs; such as street dance lessons, sports programs, live music and coffee, etc.
  • Evangelism: We want to be real and tangible to the people!
  • Training: In addition to the Discipleship Training School (DTS), we will offer University of the Nations courses that further our inner-city goals.
  • We want to challenge, train and release young leaders into the city.
  • We want to support the local churches in and around the city of Berlin. We want to pass on the heart, the anointing and the strength that YWAM has to offer.
  • We want to be an example and a catalyst for the cities of Germany and the nations.
 - We want to see our ministries multiplied in the nations.
  • We want to transform Berlin into a city that sends out thousands of missionaries to the ends of the earth, pioneering new ministries, and reaping a great harvest for our Lord.
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