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As one of the world's largest mission movements "Youth with a Mission" exists to empower young people to change the world for God. We are a global movement from every nation to every nation, bringing hope, life, and the transforming power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The God factor affects our own lives and how we deal with the world around us. What we believe about God and ourselves determines how we live. Those who really understand the message of the Bible will feel the impact in their own lives and then pass it on to other people who are searching for real orientation and reliable guidance. Our principle is: "To know God and to make him known". This does not only apply to super Christians! No matter whether you are at work, university or school: you can also get to know God personally - and then tell others about it. Because your story is unique and important!
YWAM was founded to mobilize as many young people as possible to live their lives creatively as followers of Jesus Christ. Only in this way can the whole world experience the unique love of God and experience what it looks like in real people!


  • The DTS was the first of many steps in my relationship with God, my loving dad. And I know there will be many more to follow at his hand - one step at a time.


  • The DTS was an intense time of encounters: encounters with other people, encounters with different cultures, encounters with unknown truths, with my "inner self" and above all: life-changing and healing encounters with God!


  • Growing up in a remote northern Nigerian village, my worldview was limited to my local context. When I joined the DTS it transformed my life and gave me a purpose to which I’m living today in Germany.


  • DTS: Nightly talks. Friends who know your heart better than your life story. God's fatherly love. Laughing children's eyes in unknown and exciting nations. Growing beyond yourself to God. Facing challenges like the musketeers. Adventure and washing dishes with Jesus. Definitely life training at the highest level!


  • Whether huge projects or tiny little actions - you can try yourself out, make mistakes, grow. Hear God's voice and trust Him. And have people around who encourage each other. You are focused on what God is doing in and through you. Without stress, worries, fear.


    • DTS: Half a Year - a Whole Life!

      Our Discipleship School (DTS) is a course that lasts several months and will fully orient your life towards God and will open totally new horizons for you. DTS is for people who expect more from their lives than the usual and are willing to push their limits. You can do your DTS in Germany or many other nations worldwide.

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      The UofN: A Global University

      At the international "University of the Nations" (UofN) you can optimally prepare yourself for your place in the world. Whether you are interested in christian ministries, communication, arts or the humanities: you will find modules from almost all spheres of life that you can combine to AA, BA and even Master's programmes.

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      Move on – Stay in Touch

      YWAM is a movement not an organization. Every year several hundred Germans make a DTS and let God change them. We would like to connect with returning YWAM, network and continue to make God known together. Please contact us if you are interested.

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      Live revival - Reach the lost - Transform nations

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      Transforming Germany - reaching the nations!

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      Grow. Go. Change the World

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