Kindergarten Springbrunnen

Christian preschool

Berthelsdorfer Str. 7, JMEM
09661 Hainichen
+49 37207 569029

A place of learning for the whole family

The Christian Kindergarten Springbrunnen in Hainichen was founded in 2003 by YWAM Hainichen and is now an independent association, which, however, continues to cooperate closely with YWAM. The kindergarten offers space for about 50 children and is open for all children. It is important to us that every child knows that they are loved and accepted and that they can develop and unfold according to their age. In addition, it is our goal that the kindergarten should become a model in which many educators and child workers are encouraged and confirmed for their work with children. It should encourage Christian communities and parent initiatives to start their own kindergartens.

For some years now, the Springbrunnen kindergarten has been taking part in a measure sponsored by the Saxon state government to establish a "parent-child centre".

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