After YWAM: move on and stay connected

DTS was your highlight - God has done so much in your life! Now you are studying or working or you have family and you feel left alone. Wouldn't it be great to stay in touch with other former YWAMers, refresh the vision and stay in touch with YWAM?

There are a few ways how you can stay connected:


Firestarters is an initiative of YWAM Herrnhut and is meant to help you stay plugged in after the DTS and live what God has started during your time with YWAM. Learn more about Firestarters here.

YWAM Associates

YWAM Associates International is a ministry of Youth With A Mission. Their mission is to encourage and build up those who have served in, and been trained by YWAM. You can also subscribe to the eTouch newsletter there. Click here, to get to their website.


Of course, YWAM international also has a Facebook-Page.