SOW - School of Worship

2020-22-09 – 2021-25-02

Organised by: YWAM Herrnhut

We believe that worship is a time set apart for us to engage with a holy God. In the School of Worship we aim to learn more of who God is and as we do we will naturally be drawn to worship him and to lead others to do the same.

If your desire is to have a deeper relationship with God and to lead others to do the same; if you have a heart for worship and wish to see those skills and your character increase; if you want to see yourself and nations changed as we worship our Creator, we encourage you to come and join us for School of Worship at YWAM Herrnhut.


In the first 12 weeks of the 5 month course, we study topics such as the nature and character of God, biblical foundations of worship, character of a worship leader, and many more. Furthermore, though SOW is not primarily a music school we want each student to grow in song writing, musical understanding (instrument lessons, music theory, band dynamics), and voice training. These skills we will then be applying practically through leading worship throughout the school, working in smaller bands to lead worship on outreach, and writing new songs. In all of this we will be working with and disciplining the students in small groups and individually as the school goes on. 


The school then culminates in the 8 week outreach as we take what we have learned and “go to all the world and make disciples,” and Jesus commanded us to do. We will spend time practically applying the things learnt in the lecture and seek for moments where we can facilitate genuine encounters between people and their creator.

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